Ametron Truth


Ametron Truth brings us to higher planes to gain a better perspective of life and how to see from a more detached manner. Here we can see the conflict and perceive the whole situation more clearly allowing for a way through the entanglement to be shown to us.   On seeing the pathway we are able to then know what we need to do and release that which we may have collected along the way that no longer serves us.
Working with this Ametron Truth frequencies resolves conflict and transforms it into tranquillity!  With tranquillity comes a state of calmness that arises out of making difficult decisions and acting upon them.  Our confusion is cleared and we may now rest and recover from the turmoil of the journey of Rising up and Out of the Chaos.  Fears and anxieties that were holding us back are now gone and it is time to rest and recuperate. 
We work with Lord Hilarion from the Temple of Truth held in the Etheric over Crete.  Lord Hilarion also works very closely with Lord Serapis and spends much time also in the Ascension Temple held in the Etheric above Luxor in Egypt.

The overseer and Guardian of this energy is Lord Anubis, the Lord of the Underworld (Halls of Amenti) who brings us up and out of the material world and into the Spiritual World. He says to us, the Aspirant – “Let us enter the Presence of the Lord of Truth.  Arise and follow me”.

We work with the Emerald Ray, the Ray of Illumined Truth, awakening the Third Eye Chakra. 

Anubis guards the Temple being sure that only those that are pure of Heart may enter the Realms of the Heavens and the Light of Osiris. 

Opening to the gift of the Sacred Sounds that are once again available on Earth, including the sounds of the Sacred Numbers, brings Harmony through the voice of Truth and awakens you to the Ancient Language of Light.  These are sounds that were once used in Atlantis, Lemuria and Ancient Egypt. 

Every aspect that needs healing holds a sacred sound and through awakening this gift that is held with each Light Being we bring balance and harmony to our bodies and the world around us. 

This course was originally $392 but for first time Live Online I'm offering it as seen below

$230 upfront
$ 50 pay as you go

$160 upfront
$41 pay as you go

Meeting the Guardian - Anubis
Awakening the 11:11 Frequency
Attuning the Etheric

  • Attuning the Etheric - Listening to the sound of the personal etheric first
  • Working the chakras/with appropriate bodies
  • Subtle bodies etc
  • Entering the temple
  • Meeting Lord Hilarion
  • Advanced higher initiations chakras bodies etc.
Working with the Language of Light Frequencies may bring symptoms such as headaches, body twitches or even nausea. Don’t be worried about this as it is quite normal and it is just the energetic blockages being removed from the body so that your natural harmonic electromagnetic field can be restored and all the harmonies flows of energy find to where your body is needing it.

After working with the Ametron Truth Frequencies over you will begin to see considerable changes within your well-being and spiritual growth very quickly. 

This program is aligned with the frequency of Truth and therefore we work with the 5 energy.  There are 5 sessions held once a fortnight and the program is designed for Self-Healing and to help you work as a Sacred Sound Practitioner.

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