Sacred Sound Energy Transmissions
August 2021
5 Mondays

Every week, we open to receive the Sacred Sounds that activate the Light Codes that are being transmitted to under each cosmic alignment each week.

Each week prior to the transmission, I am given the theme and during the transmission you receive.

The transmissions are purely Sacred Sound, Sacred Mantras and Language of Light. Not always all, it all depends on the cosmic alignments in place at the time.

My gift is as an awakener carrying Keys and Codes through the Lineage of Thoth, Hermes, Enoch and Metatron.

Can Assist with Awakening, Healing and Aligning with the Higher Frequencies, Awakening Third Eye Chakra, Raising Kundalini and more......

There will be 5 Mondays in August.
 please register for $60.60 and you will receive the recorded version also. 
That's just $12:12AUD for each powerful Light Codes Activation

All Recordings are available after at

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