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When you enter a Soul Coaching program with me, you will be guided every step of the way toward bringing alignment to your inner spiritual life with your outer physical life. I help you to understand your spiritual side so you can learn how to relate to it in your physical life.  You will clear the "clutter" so you can receive messages from your Soul and your Higher Self.  You will become more empowered and awaken more easily to your true Soul Purpose for this lifetime.

We work with the issues that you are trying to heal and we take them into meditation.  I guide you with a unique technique that my Higher Guidance showed me how use in order to also help others heal their lives.  You will receive rapid healing and rapid connection to your Higher Self and you will begin to understand what holds you back.  I help you see where you need to focus and you also receive healing every single session.  We work to bring you up to the highest point so you can see your issues from a higher perspective and release them more efficiently.

Working with me this way will help to bring you peace, joy and clarity in your life. If you are in the process of big change in your life, be it with your work, relationships, twin flames, or even if you are travelling and need to align to a new location.  If you are grieving the loss of a loved one or recovering from an illness.  If you feel stuck or at a loss on how to move forward, this can help shift and bring clarity.  If you are awakening spiritually, this is very powerful opportunity to learn about the new you that is birthing and how navigate your way through the awakening process and dark nights of the soul.  My specialty is Awakening and the Ascension, so I can help you to understand some of the "out there" things that happen to you as you being to awaken to new gifts that are given to you as your spiritual energies begin to accelerate.  In fact, working with me will have that effect on you.  I am able to help you shift from one stage of consciousness to the next and explain to you exactly where you are at, what it means, how you learn through that phase and guide you on to the next.

You will begin to balance your emotions, tame your monkey mind, open to receive messages from your Spiritual Self and move into a Higher State of Consciousness.  
  • You can begin with one session to see if it's for you for just $122AUD for up to 90 minutes for your first session and you can choose how you like to work.
  • We can work purely by distance, this means your routine is not interfered with at all, it's a very powerful way to work as there is no ego involved.  It becomes a learning every step of the way.  
  • We can work by video ($155AUD) 
  • Phone, Messenger, WhatsApp or Viber in person ($66AUD 40 minutes and $122AUD up to 90 minutes) one on one at a time that suits both of us.  
  • Choose a Light Language session with me either live by video ($110AUD) 
  • Pre-recorded Light Language Session $55AUD (not live)
  • Choose an Intuitive Reading for Guidance on your Souls Path and I look at where you are at on your souls journey, your challenges and strengths.  It is a combination of Energy Consultation and Intuitive Tarot Reading.  
Watch my video here

You can also choose a 28 day Program for just $480 one distant session every week for 4 weeks with unlimited checks on messenger with me  or
No lock ins at $88 every 3 weeks for as long as you choose to continue (first session $155)

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