Twin Flames - Dance of the Eternal Flame

"Twin Flames - Dance of the Eternal Flame"

Twin Flame Union Analysis Chart

These Twin Flame Analysis' are proving to be fascinating!
You don't have to even know your twin flame to have one done, because they show you the dynamics anyway.
They are not done with numerology, not done with astrology, they are purely energetic.

Here's the thing. If you are not a twin flame, you cannot see another twin flame.
It's the same as only a true Boddhistava can see another Boddhisatva.
It is an energetic thing and only those who carry a specific energy can see and understand that energy.
I am a twin flame and I have certain gifts that are awakened in me that enable me to be able to tune into other twin flames.
It is common sense to go to those who have the experience energetically and psychically to see such things.

Even if you are with a soul mate these new analysis charts are absolutely fascinating to understand the dynamics between you and your partner.
It helps you to know where your challenges are.  You can even have them for family dynamics.

If you would like Twin Flame Union analysis chart $44 and include Soul Mate Union Analysis $55.


Your Personal Twin Soul Guidance Coach

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Where is your Twin Flame Now?
A Meditation fully guided

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