Welcome to a new and exciting way forward into Colour Therapy!

You can choose to do just one or do them all.  If you want to learn more about colour therapy and understand yourself and others I recommend you do the full program and I have a discount for you if you decide to buy the full course.  

Awakening to your passion is an opportunity to ignite your passion for life and embark upon a journey filled with colour and light.  This first stage has many gems to help you get excited about the journey ahead and you receive a lot of healing and gain greater understanding of yourself.  Roughly 5 hours

Colour Therapy Level 2 is filled with wisdoms of colour both phycological and therapeutic.  In this level there is so much to work with and so much wisdom just waiting for you to begin adding to your life-long study of colour.  Colour touches everything!  If you want to become a colour therapist, you need to do this level.  About 13 hours.

Mandalas, Bringing the Subconscious into the Conscious
This is the third level in this series of colour classes.  In this course you learn how to understand yourself and others through the use of colour and symbolism in mandalas.  All that you have learned in Level 1 and 2 helps you to a greater ability to work with mandalas as a tool for your own healing or as a colour therapist helping others to heal their lives and bring more colour and light into their world.   6 + hours.

All in all, the course is about 25 hours of experiential learning.  You can work at your own pace and save the program so you have it forever to revise and continue on with your learning journey.  Colour is a lifetime study.

Through this course you are on your way to becoming a Colour Therapist !

If you purchase the full Colour Course you will receive a discouint and go into the master class private group on Facebook with lifetime support.  (optional) 

I look forward to sharing with you!
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