Alchemy of Consciousness



The Word Alchemy in Ancient Egypt comes from Al, which means God and Khem, (Egypt)
The Ancient Egyptians were very much into magic and astrology and alchemy. 

They focused on achieving immortality and eternal life. 

Alchemy in dictionary terms means transforming something common into something precious. 

This course is experiential through the process of taking the alchemy waters and listening to the Codes of Consciousness.  

You will receive a PDF style booklet describing the qualities of Thoth, Hermes, Enoch and Metatron.  

You will also receive the the recorded Sacred Light Codes and the directions on how to encode your own Alchemy Waters.  
Taking the waters in combination with listening to the encodings will activate the Keys
that are passed on to you through both the waters and sounded encodements.

You will then have the tools to repeat the course again and again

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